Update hotel info

Correct and updated information is vital in a competitive market. Please take a moment to update your hotel information in order to provide the most accurate information to your guests.

Please take into consideration that the rates provided for Hotel Express International should at all times be the best rates available. Our rates are based on expected availability and to compensate for this restriction, it is imperative that we can offer our members the lowest rate available.

Hotel of the Month

Want some free promotion? You’ll be promoted on our website and in our monthly member newsletter if you become our ‘Hotel of the Month’.

What we require from you is one of the following four; that you sign up a new hotel, is recommended by a Hotel Express member, have an excellent offer for Hotel Express members or that you include the Hotel Express’ logo as a link on your web site.

We do believe that visitors to your site will also find valuable information on our Travel Portal as we are rapidly growing and increasing the available information.

‘Hotel of the month’ has generated reservations for hotels, so it is definitely worth a try, and this additional advertising is also FREE of charge!

If you would like more information about how to become our ‘Hotel of the month’, please contact us at info@hotel-express.com.

Special offers

A special offer can often be a great way of attracting more Hotel Express members to your hotel. Create a package with good discounts and we will publish it on our website and in our newsletter free of charge.

Typical packages for special offers often include 2 or more nights at a good rate, perhaps a discounted dinner, free access to spa area or other attractions nearby your hotel.

Please note that the total value of the package must be better than staying at the normal Hotel Express discounted rate.