• How does your discount apply?

    Answer: The up to 50% discount applies to the hotel’s rack rate based on single or double occupancy. If you have additional guests in your room, an extra-person charge may apply. The up to 50% discount is off the rack rate and is valid for on a bed and breakfast or room only basis, which vary between hotels. This discount does not apply to special packages, seasonal, group or convention rates or travel agency reservations and may not be combined with other promotional offers, short-term internet deals offered on individual hotel or third-party accommodation and travel websites or with other discount programs. As hotels offer a variety of rates and packages, it is important to identify yourself as a “Hotel Express member” when making reservations.  Advance reservations are advisable.
  • What is a rack rate?

Answer: The rack rate is a hotel’s maximum non-published rate that all rates are discounted from.

  • Do your hotels always offer an up to 50% discount?

Answer: Participating hotels accept discounted member reservations throughout the year, subject to availability as determined by hotels’ management. Availability may be restricted, severely limited or blocked out during peak periods, which vary between destinations. For instance, a peak period can be expected during school holidays and long weekends at popular holiday destinations or perhaps during particular week days or conventions at hotels near business centers. Please note that during peak periods, hotels may have a restricted number of rooms available but not necessarily at the discounted member rate.

  • What is availability?

Answer: The up to 50% discount is available for a selected number of rooms at each hotel or until a participating hotel expects to reach a level of occupancy whereby they can no longer accept any further discounted reservations, including the Hotel Express rate. If you choose to travel during a busy season, you may find that the discount is restricted because of availability or may not be available every night of your stay. A hotel’s projection for occupancy may change. If you cannot confirm your Hotel Express discount, you may wish to call back at a time closer to your travel date or check other hotels in the area.

  • Why would I become a member if I am not guaranteed the discount?

Answer: Statistics from Hotel Express’ reservation service shows that between 80 and 90% of all reservations are accepted at the Hotel Express rates. Receiving an up to 50% discount 8 – 9 times out of 10 is very good, and a lot of money saved!

  • Why would any hotel offer up to 50% off their rates?

Answer: Very few hotels have occupancy of 100%. Instead of leaving the rooms empty, they are selling them to Hotel Express members at half price. After all it is better to make up to 50% than loose 100%. The rooms are there anyway and it is a waste to let them remain empty. Not only the hotels are making money on this, but members are also saving up to 50% at the same time.

  • How many months does one membership last?

Answer: Normally 12 months from date of purchase. It does not follow the calendar year.

  • How many rooms is one card valid for? Can I book for my colleague too?

Answer: One Hotel Express card is required per discounted room. This means that you cannot book one room for you and one for your colleague, the second person needs a card of his own. Seeing that it only takes 2 or 3 nights at a hotel to make the card worth its cost – it is really worth recommending Hotel Express to all your colleagues.

  • Is the card holder the only person who can use the card?

Answer: Yes, it is a personalized card and the card holder needs to be present in the room. No one else is entitled to use the card except corporate cards that may be used by any associate of your company.

  • Can I go with my family?

Answer: Yes, provided the hotel has a room type able to accommodate your family.

  • How do I make reservations?

Answer: Silver, Gold and Platinum cardholders make local reservations directly by telephone, fax or e-mail. Hotel details are indicated in the hotel directory or online. For international reservations please contact Hotel Express free reservation service. Contact Hotel Express if you have a card other than Silver, Gold or Platinum for booking assistance.

  • Can I pay with my card?

Answer: No. The Hotel Express card is a membership card. The valid card is to be provided upon check-in with an ID for verification.

  • What do I do if my Hotel Express Card is lost or stolen?

Answer: Contact our office immediately. Be careful with your card. There is a charge for replacement. To organize a replacement card, please contact your office.

  • How long can I stay?

Answer: You can stay as long as you want, as many times as you want, whatever period of the year, subject to availability. You can stay in different hotels during the same journey. There are no limits to usage during the membership year.

  • If I purchase the card through the company, can I then use it for private travels?

Answer: Yes, of course! There are no limitations as to how often you can use the card or to what purpose the travel has. The only restriction is that the card holder is present and that ID can be shown along with the Hotel Express card, if requested at check-in.

  • If my company is interested in several cards for its traveling staff, are there any discounts applicable?

Answer: Hotel Express International offers special rates on multiple memberships. Please contact us for more details.

  • Are membership cards renewed automatically or where do I do so?

Answer: No, they are not renewed automatically. If you have bought your card through our local sales office, you should receive a call or a letter with question of renewal just before your current card expires. If not, then you are most welcome to contact us.

HEI Online FQA

  • Things to remember before you travel

Answer: Now you’ve booked with us, here is a checklist of the things you should remember before you travel:

  •  Passport or Photo ID
  • Confirmation Voucher
  • Address of the Hotel
  • Phone Number of Hotel
  • VISA to enter certain countries
  • How do I check if it is safe to travel to my holiday destination?

Answer: We recommend that you check the Foreign and Commonwealth Office Travel Advice webpage for the latest updates and information relating to your holiday destination.

Hotel Questions before Booking
  • Does the price include any meals?
  • Answer: If there are any meals included in the price, this will be made clear in the ‘More Info’ text of the offer on the site.
  • Is the price per person, or per room?

Answer: Unless otherwise stated, the price that you see is the price per room and not per person.

  • I can’t find the dates I want.

Answer: The website only displays the dates that are available to be booked, we can request the room for you for a different date, but different prices may apply.

  • How can I make a booking with children?

Answer: Child policies (prices & beds) vary and are specific to each hotel. If a hotel has supplied us with their child policy you will find details in the hotel information section. While many are able to organize extra beds and/or cots in your room, please be aware that we cannot guarantee any requests you make will be honored by the hotel. Please contact the hotel prior to arrival to see what is possible, you will find the hotel’s telephone number on your confirmation email.

  • Can I extend my stay once I’m there?

Answer: You may be able to extend your stay if you wish. You can either place a new booking at this website or try to extend it directly with the hotel. However you may not receive the same room rates for an extended stay.

  • What if I need to organize a room upgrade or other change?

Answer: If you wish to make any change or amendment to your hotel booking, for example if you wish to alter upgrade your room type, please do this directly with the hotel. Please note we cannot guarantee they will be confirmed. Please also be aware there is a possibility that a change may incur an extra charge applied by the hotel itself.

  • Do I need a hotel voucher to check in?

Answer: Please print a copy of your confirmation email to present at check-in as proof of your reservation. You will get 2 confirmation e-mails from us. One is your receipt and includes payment details. The other is without payment details and the one you should bring to the hotels.

  • Where is the hotel situated?

Answer: The full address and contact numbers of the hotel will be listed on your confirmation email which will be sent simultaneously at the conclusion of your booking. Full details and a link showing the hotel location on a map are also available on every hotel listing on the site.

  • Why can/do prices change for hotels and other travel products?

Answer: Prices change all the time depending on availability. Therefore the price you see one day may not be the same the next day. Always be sure to double-check prices when reserving or purchasing tickets and always read the terms and conditions of the offer (the fare may have changed since you first searched our database).

Reservation Issues
  • Can I change the details of my booking?

Answer: The easiest way is to make a new booking and then cancel your first reservation using the cancellation link inserted in the confirmation e-mail you got from us. Please make sure you are within the cancellation deadline (normally 48 hours prior to arrival) listed in the confirmation email. When placing a new booking prices may have been changed.

  • I haven’t received or I have lost my confirmation e-mail, how do I get another copy?

Answer: If you have not received your confirmation e-mail within 4 hours of making a booking or have lost the e-mail, please check your deleted items ‘Junk Mail’ folder. Please add confirmation@hotel-express.com to your contacts list as this will allow you to receive your booking confirmation (if you do not do this Junk Mail filters can potentially prevent you from receiving your booking confirmation). To check if the booking/order was successfully made and obtain another copy of your confirmation email please contact us

  • How do I know if I have successfully completed my booking/order?

Answer: Once your booking/order is confirmed, you will receive an automated e-mail containing your confirmation number and full details of the hotel that you have booked. Please add confirmation@hotel-express.com to your contacts list as this will allow you to receive your booking confirmation (if you do not do this Junk Mail filters can potentially prevent you from receiving your booking confirmation). If you have not received your email please contact us

  • There is a mistake on my confirmation / e-mail documentation

Answer: If you see a mistake on your confirmation e-mail or documentation, please contact us

  • I have received a ‘booking confirmation’ e-mail. What does this mean, and do I have to do anything?

Answer: : Receiving a ‘booking confirmation’ email informs you that we have received your booking request and acknowledge receipt of your order. Once you have been sent the confirmation email your booking is confirmed. Please read the Urgent Confirmation FAQ if you are travelling sooner and need earlier confirmation.

  • I am travelling in the next 24 hours. What if I need faster confirmation that my booking request has been processed and confirmed?

Answer: : If you have not received a confirmation email and you need faster confirmation due to the time of travel, please email our card security team at info@hotel-express.com , including the following information: 1) Your Order Number (quoted at the top of your Order Acknowledgment email) placed in the subject line, 2) a telephone number we can contact you on (preferably not a mobile), 3) your card holder name and the postal address where your card statement is sent, 4) details of the people traveling on this booking, plus 5) any additional or supporting information (excluding card number) explaining your traveling circumstances.

  • What ID do I need to check-in?

Answer: You will just need to give the name that you made the booking under, with a copy of your confirmation email.

  • What if the hotel doesn’t have my booking?

Answer: We send your booking to our hotel supplier within a few minutes of you making the booking by email or fax and also in our online system which the hotel uses. Please note that it may take up to 48 hours for it to appear in the hotel’s reservation system. However, in the unlikely event of you arriving at your hotel to find there is no booking, please ask the hotel to contact our administration department and we will resend the booking to the hotel.

  • How do I cancel a reservation?

Answer: In the confirmation e-mail you will see a link to cancel your reservation. Please click on this and follow the instructions. Please note that you need to do this before the cancellation deadline expires (normally 48 hours prior to arrival).

  • Does this answer your question?
    If not please click here to contact customer support directly.
Financial Questions
  • What if I need an invoice or receipt?

Answer: We have sent you 2 emails when you booked. One is voucher to show to the hotels, and the other is your receipt with payment details included. If you require a new copy of your payment details, please contact us and we will resend it. For business customers booking a business trip, bookings must be made using a business credit card in the travellers name, booked under the business address. We can only accept payment for bookings in the travellers name and the address the payment card is registered at.

  • I have seen a rejection of my credit card. What does this mean?

Answer: This means that our card security system could not verify the details required to best safeguard the card identity used to complete the booking, and as a result we are unable to process the order. Please contact us if you have additional information that might assist with re-booking, including your original order details in the subject line.

  • Who debits my card?

Answer:  When you make a booking with us, we will charge you for the stay when you place the booking with us. We will then pay the hotel. If you cancel within the cancellation deadline we will pay you back any money.

  • What cards are accepted?

Answer:  We accept Diners card, VISA card, Master card and Euro card.

  • Can I have a VAT receipt for my hotel?

Answer: Unfortunately we are unable to provide a VAT receipt for hotel bookings. The confirmation email received at the time of your booking should indicate if the hotel will be able to provide you a VAT receipt covering the duration of your stay. If you have any questions regarding VAT receipt please contact us.

  • Does this answer your question?
    If not please click here to contact customer support directly.