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Hotel Express is all about increasing your revenue by sending over our members to fill up your empty rooms. Our service is free of charge and we do not ask for commissions. There are no catches and no risks for the hotel, and we are proud to say that we run the simplest hotel program in the world. This makes us unique and extremely attractive for the hotel partners that are affiliated to our program.

Who we are and how we Accomplish this:

• Hotel Express International is an exclusive travelers club, established in 1987 with Headquarters in Norway, Europe. The representation of Hotel Express International is growing rapidly with agents and representatives in 40 countries. More than 250 000 members use Hotel Express on a regular basis and around 1 000 000 room nights are utilized by members every year.

• There are no costs involved by joining the Hotel Express program, nor are there any commissions payable. Our members pay us an annual fee for their membership including any services we may render such as international reservations.

• Our philosophy is the most logical you will ever come across: Every hotel has vacancies. Vacancies result in no income. Hotel Express sends its members to your hotel to fill up these vacancies at an up to 50% off the rack rate. The discounted Hotel Express rate should always be the best available rate. This results in an increase of revenue for the hotel and a new client who will come again and again.

Final Result:
The Hotel Is Satisfied: up to 50% is much better than nothing!
The Member Is Happy: up to 50% is better than full price!
Hotel Express Is Happy: Both hotel and member have been served and everybody wins!

Concierge Desk

Members make contact with either Hotel Express Concierge Desk or e-mailing and  identifying them as a member of Hotel Express International. If the hotel expects vacancies for the requested period, then the hotel accepts the booking. If the hotel expects to be fully booked or near full capacity, then the hotel may decline the booking request or offer the best possible rate. The member presents himself on arrival with the confirmation and the Hotel Express membership card. The hotel requires one membership card per room.


We offer you free exposure in our printed hotel directories as well as on the web. Further, we offer hotels to advertise any short terms specials available to our members on our website and in our regular newsletters free of charge. Not only that, our sales teams mentions your participation on a regular basis when liaising with members.

We aim to provide a supplementary income for participating hotels by filling rooms that would otherwise remain empty. Do not forget that members will be using your other hotel facilities, such as the bar, the restaurant, etc, at full price, thereby generating an income that you would not have, if you did not participate in the Hotel Express Program.
Our conditions as stated in member directories

Availability. All hotel reservations are subject to expected availability as determined by hotels’ management. Availability may be restricted, severely limited or blocked out during peak periods, which vary between destinations. For instance, a peak period can be expected during school holidays and long weekends at popular holiday destinations or perhaps during particular week days or conventions at hotels near business centres. Please note that during peak periods, hotels may have a restricted number of rooms available but not necessarily at the discounted member rate.

Discount. Subject to expected availability and the correct booking procedure being followed, membership with Hotel Express International will entitle cardholders with an up to 50% discount per room, off the rack rate (the hotel’s maximum non-published rate that all rates are discounted from) and cannot be taken in conjunction with other promotional offers, short-term internet deals offered on individual hotel or third-party accommodation and travel websites.

Bookings. Discounted reservations only apply when made as per instructions. Hotels are not obliged to give the Hotel Express discount if the correct booking procedure is not followed. A valid membership card must be presented on arrival. Should members present the card only on checkout or when payment is due, the discount will not apply. Reservations made at rates higher than the Hotel Express rate may not be converted at any time. The discount is only valid if the card holder is present. Membership is not transferable. Hotels may discount only one room per Hotel Express Card per night.

Term. Your membership is valid for reservations until expiry as stated on your membership card. Hotel Express International has the right to discontinue memberships should members misuse it in any way

Cancellation policy. Hotels’ standard cancellation, deposit and late arrival policies apply, which vary from hotel to hotel.

Hotels. Participating hotels may change from time to time and Hotel Express International will not be held responsible for hotels cancelling their contracts. Hotel Express will however endeavor to secure compliance by all associated hotels.

Accounts. Hotel accounts are settled direct with credit cards, cash or cheques only.

If you would like to know more about what Hotel Express can do for your occupancy levels, please click here


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